Group News

Recent paper out of Journal of Organic Chemistry from Ding and Julie: “Multiwavelength Control of Mixtures Using Visible Light-Absorbing Photocages”

Our NSF grant is highlighted on the college website

Congratulations to Dr. Julie Peterson, Dr. Josh Peterson, & Dr. Yunfan (Frank) Qiu for receiving their PhDs! Julie and Frank are off to do post-docs at the University of California – Santa Barbara and Northwestern University, respectively. Josh is off to New Jersey working for the Department of Health.

Our group’s collaborative paper with Dr. Emily Smith’s group was recently published in JOC: “Direct Photorelease of Alcohols from Boron-Alkylated BODIPY Photocages”

A recent collaboration with Dr. Jeremy J. Kodanko at Wayne State University produced a paper in ACS Chemistry Biology: “BODIPY-Cased Photoactivated Inhibitors of Cathepsin B Flip the Light Switch on Cancer Cell Apoptosis”

Congrats to Dr. Logan Fischer and Dr. Pradeep Shrestha for defending their PhDs! Logan is off to teach organic chemistry lab at Middlebury College in Vermont while Pradeep is going to start a postdoc at the National Cancer Institute.

WinterGreen photocages are now available at Millapore Sigma

Recent paper out of Organic Letters from Josh: “Solvent-Responsive Radical Dimers”

Congrats to all of the Winter Lab for the awards they received this year!

Josh: Research Excellence Award

Liz: Teaching Excellence Award

Pradeep: David N. and Minnie I. Wall Graduate Scholarship

Frank: Alpha Chi Sigma Award

Our group’s research on dicyano-radicals and pi dimers was recently published in JACS: “Spin Delocalization, Polarization, and London Dispersion Forces Govern the Formation of Diradical Pimers”

Art has been promoted to full Professor!


About Us

We are a synthetic organic chemistry lab that focuses on the development of photobiological tools and new materials


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