Facilities and Resources

Our lab space is located in the state-of-the-art chemistry facility, Hach Hall

The Hach Hall lobby

One of our wet lab bays. Each student gets a hood, 12 feet of bench space, and sink.

A hood set up for synthetic chemistry.

The chemistry department also has a glassblowera machine shop, and a chemistry store for the convenient purchase of common laboratory items.

Instrument facilities at Iowa State are excellent with multiple NMR machines (up to 800 MHz), Mass spec with different ionization modes (EI, APCI, QTOF, MS/MS, LC/MS/MS, in both normal and accurate mass modes), X-ray diffraction, Elemental analysis, IR, UV-Vis, and CD. Iowa State also has an outstanding confocal microscopy center. The GAMESS computational software is developed through the group of Mark Gordon.

NMR and x-ray facilties.

Mass spec facilities. Toshia working on quantum yield measurements using LC/MS.

EPR capabilities. We use this ELEXYS 580 FT-EPR machine, which has a CW resonator with a light source, resonators for standard FT-EPR experiments, a split ring resonator for DEER, ESEER, and ELDOR, and a resonator designed for aqueous samples.  A variable temperature system permits runs down to near Liquid He temps.

General resources:

Web of knowledge
Named reactions
Spectra database
How to write a paper
Evans’ pKa Table
Top-selling pharmaceuticals
Evans’ group seminars
Stoltz group seminars

Lab technique resources:

Not Voodoo. Great resource for lab technique.
How to run a flash column. The classic Still paper.
Common residual NMR solvent impurities
More common residual NMR solvent impurities.
Al’s Notebook – Resource for common reaction conditions
Tips for growing X-ray quality crystals Schlenk Line Survival Guide

Safety is a priority in our laboratory. Gloves, safety glasses, and labcoat are required at all times when working in the wet labs. Everyone needs to know the location of the eyewashes, shower, and fire extinguisher, which are routinely inspected by the lab safety officer. Everyone must go through a mandatory safety training when joining the lab.

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