Chats with Eminent Female Scientists (ChEFS) Initiative: (winter.public.iastate.edu/chefs-initiative) These interviews with successful women academics give advice and tips on how to pursue a career in academic science.

Undergraduate Research opportunities: I am a strong advocate of undergraduate research as an essential component of a well-rounded science education. 13 undergraduates, two community college students, and two high school student have performed research internships in my lab in the past few years. About 40% of these students have accomplished projects that have resulted in authorship on papers. Undergraduates who have participated in research in my lab have subsequently gone on to med school, dental school, and graduate school.

If you are an undergraduate interested in joining my group, send me a copy of your transcript and an explanation of what you hope to gain out of a research opportunity to winter@iastate.edu.

Supplement books and guides for sophomore organic chemistry. I have authored “Organic Chemistry 1 for Dummies” and, more recently, a companion workbook with problems. Additionally, I have edited a new edition of “Pushing Electrons” by Daniel Weeks, a classic supplement for learning how to understand reaction mechanisms.

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